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Der it was tuned when i got it    The Snakey goes large!         Outstanding in his field!

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Anthony & Nicholas in action                          Stevie lets em have it!

DSCF0042.JPG (330460 bytes)   Lovely BBQ from Antony. 


DSCF0030.JPG (329066 bytes) Joy Gives the kids some tips

DSCF0040.JPG (317332 bytes) The food tent

DSCF0033.JPG (326198 bytes) Lindsay, Alice and Julia with Nick

DSCF0034.JPG (316821 bytes)  The Main Arena! - Thanks to Si

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OOH Perty! WE had fire pois n that too... Thanks to JI and her crew

Well I think the smiles say everything.  We had a blast! Nick and I have not shared a stage for 20 years or so.  Which not only makes us very old but also makes the shot very spesh.  Thanks to Joy and Sue for the Pics.  Thanks also to Shoot the Duke and The Pork Rind for something entirely memorable! I hope to get pics of these performances in due course.


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